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Who is


                   Built out of the AEDC eGrocery portfolio market research, Jaiecom (online ordering application)
                   was born. Jaiecom serves the unique hyperlocal interests of the KSA community by utilizing
                   innovative methods for product discovery and delivery of eFood, goods and services.
                   Motivated by the modern Saudi Arabian lifestyle, Jaiecom uses its KSA+ methodology to bring
                   eFood specialties to customers on time, every time. The Jaiecom experience caters to all KSA
                   citizens’ tastes and preferences. The bilingual Jaiecom mobile application reveals a buffet of
                   eFood options with unique categories including: Bakery & Sweets, Nuts & Spices, Fruits &
                   Vegetables, Meat, Dates, Organic Food, Vitamins & Supplements, Local Homemade
                   Delicacies, and Restaurant Delivery (local brands to international chains).

                                  What is the Origin
                             of the Word, JAIECOM?
                                  JAIECOM comes from:
                                     • “JA” - Al-Jazirah
                                      • “I” - innovation
                                • “eCom” – eCommerce
                   • The word in Arabic means “approaching,”
                            “coming,” “on its way to you.”

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