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          In a ground-breaking announcement on April 20, 2016, Al-Jazirah
          Corporation for Press, Printing, and Publishing honors their half-century
          legacy in Saudi Arabia by changing the future of media for the Kingdom
          and beyond by incubating Al-Jazirah eCommerce & Distribution
          Company (AEDC).
          The global marketplace is shifting from traditional commerce to
          borderless opportunities with the advent of smarter technology and the
          ability to stay constantly connected.
          GCC, and specifically Saudi Arabia stand at the forefront of an emerging
          era with the opportunity for growth and profitability in the ever changing
          world of technology and eCommerce. With the rapid growth potential,
          key Saudi Arabian business leaders led by Al-Jazirah Corporation
          explored options in the local and regional eCommerce markets.
          In addition to establishing a presence in the eCommerce industry,
          Al-Jazirah recognizes the profitability and potentiality of the
          eCommerce project to further diversify revenue for the Corporation.

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