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B2C Focused Niche Portfolios

                                          The portfolio segment of the project is based on the ten key niche interests in KSA.
                                          Niche Interests
                                          • E-Fashion for Women • E-Grocery • E-Pharmacy • Premium Male Products
                                          • In-Car Entertainment • Home Electronics • Spare Parts • Fragrances
                                          • Health/Wellness • Executive Travel
                                          The project will begin with the top key revenue generating niche interests:
                                          E-FASHION FOR WOMEN, E-HEALTH, AND E-GROCERY.

                                     eFashion for Women
                                     FASHION VANITY, E-TAILING
                                             GARMENTS        SHOES        BAGS
                                             Abaya           Flats        Clutch
                                             Hijab           Mid Heel     Shoulder Bag
                                             Other Arab Fashion  High Heel  Wallets
                                             Western wear    Trainers     Totes               eHealth
                                             Sportswear                               HEALTH & FITNESS, WELNESS,
                                                                                      NON-PRESCRIPTION MEDICINE
                                                HEALTH            BEAUTY            MEDICINES & MEDICAL AIDS
                                                Calcium Supplements  & PERSONAL CARE  Cold & Flu, Stomach & Anti Diarrhea
                                                Fish Oil Supplements  Acne, Anti Itch  Anti-Nauseants, Ear/Eye Care Treatments
                                                Ethical Nutrient  Cleanser, Skin Care  Anti-Inflammatory, Allergy
                               eGrocery         Vitamins, Weight Loss  Feminine Hygiene  Hay Fever
                               A ONE-STOP SHOP
                                     PACKAGED FOOD     BEVERAGES      FRESH FOOD
                                     Bakery            Tea & Coffee   Fruits, Vegetables
                                     Dairy Products    Water          Salads, Smoothies
                                     Confectionery     Softdrinks     Daily Bakery (fresh
                                     Daily Needs       Energy Drink   croissants, pizza, etc.)
                                     Canned Food       Malt Drinks, Juices
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